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Application development and deployment

AppForce connects data from different systems and makes this information available through apps, designed to meet your business needs. Upon application delivery, we provide the tools and skills to deploy and manage the solution.

Software architecture

Technology selection is often a complex task, where our architects can assist in making the right architectural definition. Based on requirements, the new architecture has to be defined avoiding redundancy with existing architecture. After the technology selection, our architects manage both functional requirements and constraints and close the gap between design and implementation.

IoT and the cloud

Now more than ever, the demand for quickly built business applications is growing. By selecting the right cloud service and platform, our developers can deliver applications in less time. AppForce also brings you the Internet of Things for business, with solutions that integrate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices.

Multi-device user experience

Modern users want an attractive and cool experience across all their devices during day-to-day tasks. Next generation front-end technologies implemented by AppForce empower users to perform tasks that, in the past, could only be done by experts in complex transactions.